August 2020 News

As with all Lodges in the country, the enforced closure continues.All at 1018 pray our members, and members of other Lodges, remain safe and extend our sympathies to those Lodges who have suffered the loss of Brethren, through this terrible pandemic.

Congratulations to Bro. Liam McColgan who celebrates his birthday this month.

July 2020 News

As with every Scottish Lodge, we remain in lockdown. We wish health on all members of the Craft throughout this pandemic.

Congratulations to Bros. Jim Gardiner P.M., David Cairns P.M., Charlie MacWhirter, Scott Livingstone, Fraser Clyde, Neil Walker and Charlie Love P.M. 333, Hon Member, who all celebrate birthdays this month and to Jim and Margaret Gardiner, who celebrate their wedding anniversary.

June 2020 News

As lockdown continues, the Barns remains closed and there will be no Meetings or social events until further notice. We extend our best wishes to our members and friends and Brethren at other Lodges and our sympathies to all hit by tragedy.

Congratulations to Bros. Roddy Lawrie P.M., Freddie McKelvie P.M., Bro. Jim Somerville P.M. and Ian Logan, who all celebrate birthdays this month.